Stay with your customers throughout the day.

Bolster your understanding of your target group with continuous online tracking and geo-tracking of panelists and Moment-of-Truth surveys.
hours of live GPS data

Understand your target group even better.

Move accesses a growing representative panel to deliver audience insights that go deeper than ever before. The combined use of online tracking and geo tracking gives you the complete user journey.

From the first click on your website to the time spent at your shop. Learn how to use your marketing budget in the most impactful way possible.

Move uses award-winning geo-tracking technology. Continuously track our representative panel of more than 5,000 people while our clever algorithms turn their movement data into insights.
Cookie trackingCookie tracking
Make sense of your target group’s online behavior. Use our cookies to understand the entire online journey, on both your webpage and on social media.
Surveys in the Moment-of-TruthSurveys in the Moment-of-Truth
Want to know if your target group saw your poster campaign? How appealing does it look in your shop window? Move lets you trigger location-based surveys to better understand your potential customers.

How does Move work?

Our panelists install the Move app on their smartphones
The app uses the location data to track the panelists’ location
Geofences and beacons trigger surveys at predetermined locations
Data is anonymized and used for analysis
  • Measure the success and reach of campaigns
  • Create audience analysis for stores
  • Create audience-specific behavioral analyses
  • Determine catchment areas
  • Map online-to-offline user journey

What Move can do for you

Media agencies

Media agencies

How big was the reach of your client’s campaign? What was the impact on their target audience? With Move, you can test and evaluate individual subjects or whole campaigns.



How successful are your individual advertising spaces? Move gives you the opportunity to find out. We compare the movement data of our panelists with the locations of your advertising spaces.



Why do customers visit your store or website? How long do they stay there? Use offline and online tracking to can accurately reconstruct your target audience’s journey.

Clients that trust us

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Who’s behind Move?Link institut

Move is developed by We’re the newly founded innovation unit of Link Institute, the market leader in market and social research. We're revolutionizing marketing with our growing knowledge graph.

All the valuable data from each of our platforms flows into one well. That's how we can deliver deeper insights to our customers faster and easier than ever before.


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